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Level Up Your Community with Carat Rewards

Introducing a community rewards app that builds measurable impact through gamification, rewards & destination customization.

Our Platform

How Carat Works

Carat is a powerful tool for economic development and community collaboration.


Step 1

Create your Carat App

Carat starts by collaborating with your destination to build out a customized app experience that ties together our Carat Rewards system with unique community experiences.

Step 2

Carat Rewards

Carat is a user-first platform to maximize engagement and retention. Carats are a virtual currency that can be offered for check-ins, purchases or a wide variety of activities that get the community engaged with your destination.

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Step 3

Gamify your Events

Carat hosts gamification features such as leaderboards to keep your users having fun. Carat embraces technology for the right reasons – to complement our real-word experiences, not replace them.

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Step 4


Once you’ve created your Carat App Experience, it’s time to invite the community to join. Users join by 4-digit ID or by searching for local events.

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Carat APP

Destination Dashboard

Self-service Options for Real-time Updates & Reporting

Once we’ve setup your event, Carat Experiences can be updated directly by our users. Through our Destination Dashboard, Carat Admins can customize the app appearance, edit information, make changes to the directory, send messages or push notifications, download Check-In QR Codes, download marketing data and so much more.


Tailed to your Destination

There are a variety of customization options available to build out your Carat App Experience. Visit our Benefits page to learn more.

  • Benefits
  • RCustomization options for a unique app experience with custom logos, links and colors to align with your brand
  • RCarat Rewards System: QR Code Check-Ins, Purchases, Prize Drawings and Instant Prizes
  • RMarketing Growth through newsletter opt-in, inbox, and reward bonuses for social media engagement

Connecting to Carat

Carat plays well with other placemaking technologies to streamline content collection or enhance your Carat Events.

Our Story

About Carat

Built by destination marketing professionals, solving real problems communities face every day.

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Carat is a destination and community rewards app that measures impact and user engagement while growing loyalty to local businesses and events.

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