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Benefits of Carat

The perks of building a Carat App for your community

With a modular app building experience, we host a ton of features that drive engagement how you want them to.


Feature-rich for Exclusive Experiences.

Carat hosts a wide variety of features available for our customers to build into their Carat Events.


Carat Rewards

Virtual currency rewards for event engagement

  • Benefits
  • RGamified currency system creates a layer between incentives and rewards to increase engagement
  • RCarats can be rewarded for just about anything through a simple QR-code check-in system


Built-in platform for messages with push notifications to your users.

  • Benefits
  • RDiversify your marketing channels with a direct line to your users through push notifications and inbox messaging
  • RSchedule messages out with links to notify users of time-limited offers
  • RSurvey users at the end of each day during a conference or community event


List local stores, murals, sponsors or other stops highlighted throughout the event

  • Benefits
  • RProvide brand recognition to community partners, local businesses or sponsors
  • RIncentivize certain stops through increased Carat Rewards for select locations
  • RCollect data on visits by location through Carat Check-In system
  • RSell increased sponsorship for prominent directory placement


Time-limited offers or events that can also reward Carats for check-ins

  • Benefits
  • RIncentivize time-sensitive events with additional Carats
  • RUsers can plan an Itinerary through our Bookmark feature for Schedule listings
  • ROffer community calendar incentives that tie in with your Carat Event


Design-oriented with robust tailoring to your brand and marketing presence.

  • Benefits
  • RHighly customizable white glove experience with custom logos, images and colors.
  • RLink out to your websites and social media channels for increased visibility
  • RReal-time design changes to apply alternate skins to reflect dynamic experiences

Prize Drawings

Conduct prize drawings through user exports, carat thresholds and time reporting

  • Benefits
  • RAutomate prize giveaways conducted by paper ballots or print media
  • RAdminister prize drawings or giveaways through CSV exports within the Destination Dashboard
  • RRefine entry requirements by a minimum Carat threshold or by Check-In dates


Map integration for directory listings, improving wayfinding and walkability

  • Benefits
  • RWayfinding for local walking tours and events
  • RDirections for stops to visit
  • RCheck-In Pins display where you have already visited


Gamification and competition through a Top 10 Leaderboards for your event

  • Benefits
  • RIncrease healthy competition between users, driving up engagement
  • RFun way to implement gamification into your Community Events

Instant Prizes

Deliver instant prizes through redeemable rewards using a Carat balance

  • Benefits
  • RCreate stretch prizes for collecting Carats that deduct from a visitors’ balance
  • RDiversified reward system to engage users with varied goals
  • RExclusive reward offers by location to track redemptions

Carat Purchases

Enable stores to reward Carats for dollars spent through our Destination Dashboard

  • Benefits
  • RCapture accurate, real-time economic impact through Carats for dollars spent
  • RAutomate user submission forms or print passports that reward local shopping programs
  • RBuild community reward platforms for community-wide spending
  • RMeasure economic impact of Conferences, Tradeshows & Events

User Roles

Assign admin roles for automated data sharing, insights and directory management

  • Benefits
  • RAutomate marketing data exports for local shops or event sponsors with admin roles
  • RDelegate directory management for self-service updates to community partners


Opt-in for marketing newsletters to improve digital marketing campaigns

  • Benefits
  • RCapture marketing data through check-in system at local events or businesses
  • RShare data by location through the Dashboard data export tools

Carat Purchases

Enable contact exchanges with Carat incentives for networking or conferences

  • Benefits
  • RIncentive conversations through Carat rewards between attendees
  • RExchange contact information with time stamp to lose the business card

Bonus Carats

Reward bonuses for social media follows, survey completions and data sharing

  • Benefits
  • RAutomate marketing data exports for local shops or event sponsors with admin roles
  • RDelegate directory management for self-service updates to community partners
Carat APP

Destination Dashboard

Self-service Options for Real-time Updates & Reporting

Once we’ve setup your event, Carat Experiences can be updated directly by our users. Through our Destination Dashboard, Carat Admins can customize the app appearance, edit information, make changes to the directory, send messages or push notifications, download Check-In QR Codes, download marketing data and so much more.


Versatile Solutions for Destinations

Carat increases engagement for community events, tourist attractions, economic development and so much more.

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