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Carat Passports to Live Like a Local

Carat’s best-in-class community rewards app combines the customization of app building platforms with economic development expertise to level up shop local campaigns.

Interactive Maps

Rewards System

QR Check-Ins

Tour Directory

Impactful Partnerships with Local Business


More Likely

to Visit Local Businesses

if Recommended by the Hotel a Traveler is Staying


Of Visitors

Are Interested in Exploring Local Restaurants

When visiting a New Destination

Shop Local 

Highlight Hidden Treasures in your City

Building a local passport is not just a good idea, it’s an essential part of providing your guests with an unforgettable travel experience. A local passport is like a secret map that unlocks the hidden treasures of your city – the cozy cafes, the trendy boutiques, and the authentic local experiences that only insiders know about. With a local passport, your guests can wander off the beaten path and discover the true essence of your city, making memories that will last a lifetime.

The Carat Passport.

By partnering with local businesses and highlighting their unique offerings, you’re supporting the local economy and promoting sustainable tourism. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your guests’ experience and showcase the best of what your city has to offer – start building your local passport today!

Evolved Concierge Service

Provide a fun experience to guests that can pay for itself through local partnerships. Guests want to live like a local, and Carat’s directory system gives you the ability to curate tours for a fraction of the price of other digital passport systems.

Marketing Growth

Carat’s digital check-in system gives you the ability to collect opt-in data from guests or locals alike. Carat’s user funnel is an excellent way to grow email lists or social media or build new communication platforms.


Highlight hidden treasures in your city with a Live Local Passport


Incentives for Networking Events

Walking Tours

Carat’s best-in-class community rewards app paired with recurring walking tours builds a lasting impression in your local community.

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Carat is a destination and community rewards app that measures impact and user engagement while growing loyalty to local businesses and events.

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