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Good Call.

Schedule a demo to get started with Carat.

Rewards App for Local Communities

Carat is the solution for increased engagement.

Carat’s best-in-class community rewards app combines the customization of app building platforms with economic development expertise to level up shop local campaigns.


Create your Own App Experience with Carat

  • Carat Rewards
  • Carat uses gamification and reward incentives to make your event more engaging. With a best-in-class user experience, it has never been easier to build a community rewards program.
  • Inbox Messaging & Notifications
  • Amplify your marketing efforts by leveraging Carat's Inbox feature. Create a direct line to your users with push notifications, sent to individuals or the entire group.
  • Tailored to your Destination
  • Carat is a destination marketing tool with a robust set of customization options to beautifully display your branded event.
Carat’s Passport Feature

Seamlessly transition from one Carat Event to the next using the Carat passport.

Earn Carats

Using Carat’s Check-In feature is a breeze. Unique QR codes at different locations offer an instant reward for Carat Users.

Tailor-made. Every Time.

Carat is tailored to your unique destination with customization options for exceptional presentation of your branding.

Inbox Feature

Carat is a platform for sharing your message directly with your users. Become less reliant on marketing by leveraging this feature.


Fort Collins Foodie Walk

No Marketing Budget? No Problem.

With only 6 months active and $0 spent in marketing, Fort Collins Foodie Walk has achieved some impressive levels of engagement.

Using Carat, the 9 participating merchants of the Fort Collins Foodie Walk have something special here, offering free samples of culinary delights at each location. To sweeten the pot, they offer a monthly gift basket that they all contribute to, for any visitors willing to hit every stop each month.

Economic Impact*


Redemptions per user


Versatile Solutions for Destinations

Carat increases engagement for community events, tourist attractions, economic development and so much more.

“IN THE GAME was an exciting introduction to the Carat platform. It was certainly a highlight for the conference, providing a fun overlay that started more than a few conversations! I can definitely see how it will enable cities and towns to make tons of their programs more impactful. The Carat team are clearly dedicated to making destinations stronger and more resilient.”

Katherine Correll
Executive Director, Downtown Colorado, Inc.

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Carat is a destination and community rewards app that measures impact and user engagement while growing loyalty to local businesses and events.

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