Artificial Intelligence

Pragmatic Applications for Downtown Professionals

Presented by Cody Johnson at DCI IN THE GAME Conference 2023


Exploring Emerging Trends in the Tech Industry

Topics Covered:

Why Artificial Intelligence is Having a Moment

  • What is AI, and how it is currently used across the internet
  • Generative AI: AI’s Growth in the Mainstream
  • Common misconceptions about AI
  • Use cases and examples

Practical Use Cases for Downtown Professionals

  • Marketing automations
  • Content creation
  • Personalization or A/B Testing
  • Use cases and examples

Who’s the Author when using AI?


  • AI’s role in authorship
  • Best practices across a variety of use cases
  • Don’t be an Output!

Introducing Pearl, the Downtown Boulder Chatbot

  • Demo of a localized chatbot trained for business resource sharing, itineraries or other userful service-oriented questions.
Mainstream adoption

Why Artificial Intelligence is Having a Moment

  • What is AI? How is it currently used across the internet

  • Three Types of AI

  • Generative AI: AI’s Growth in the Mainstream

Narrow AI

All AI systems ever developed are Narrow AI.


  • YouTube Algorithms
  • Siri or Alexa
  • Facebook Feeds
  • ChatGPT

General AI (AGI)

Artificial General Intelligence: stated goal for many AI companies.


  • Differentiated most notably by self-awareness
  • Discussions already about GPT-4

Superintelligence (ASI)

 Entirely hypothetical Рan AGI that rapidly self-improves its systems by learning and optimizing the algorithms its trained on.

  • Ethical Concerns
  • If AGI achieved, likely outcome due to self-improvement
Generative AI

ChatGPT launched in November 2022. It surpassed 100 Million users in only 2 months, making it the fastest growing consumer product ever.

Took Instagram 2.5 years to achieve that milestone.

  • How the Tech Industry is Responding

      • Microsoft Office, Copilot, Google Workspace, Meta Ads

  • Generative Art & Music Tools

  • Other Use cases and examples

      • Voice Emulation

      • Animation, Video & 3D Asset Creation

      • University & Education Challenges

Common Misconceptions about AI

    • Far from being self-aware
    • Diversity and bias
    • Too much hype to say its exact impact

Practical Use Cases

AI in Marketing Communications


Personalize a generalized marketing newsletter for art event attendees

  • Write your newsletter once, use AI to personalize based on audience
  • Conduct A/B Testing to measure your results

Create a marketing calendar for new programs or events

  • Flesh out a marketing calendar for a new event when you need to quickly outline a timeline and list of deliverables.
  • Ask additional questions to get the content in a shareable format before ever opening a spreadsheet
  • Create segmented tables to share with writers or designers with creative direction, suggested length, etc.

Transcribe meeting notes, create automatic summaries to share

  • One example we’ve seen is OtterAI, which automatically transcribes meetings by joining a virtual meet
  • Creates automatic summaries that can be shared, or you could ask ChatGPT to summarize further into bullet points, using audience tailoring tips from earlier (ex. “Rewrite this summary tailored to an audience of business owners. Simplify urban planning jargon to make it more accessible.”)
    People First.

    Who’s the Author when using AI?

    • AI’s role in Authorship

    • Best Practices Across Different Use Cases

    • Don’t be an Output!


    Pearl, the Downtown Boulder Chatbot

    • Trained on Downtown Boulder’s Business Resource pages using GPT3.5 on the backend

    • Ask questions as a local business such as, “Who do I talk to about sign code?” or “What jobs are available for hotel managers in downtown Boulder?”

    Special thanks to Terri & the Downtown Boulder crew!

    Thank You.

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